Dealing with your Soccer Emotions…Quickly!! A pressure game – anxiety! A mistake made – frustration! A poor refereeing decision – anger! A goal against – despondency!Soccer is an emotional game. Every match is packed full with incident – moments of action that cause your brain and nervous system to drive energy through your body. Energy…… Continue reading SOCCER EMOTION


I was listening to a podcast today from Dan Abraham, who is an EPL (English premiere league) mental skills expert, entitled “inside the mind of a champion”. Currently Dan is working in many different sporting contexts including Derby County FC, with professional football players and pro golfers. He spoke about many aspects of coaching teams…… Continue reading THE 4 C’s OF COACHING


I just read a great article by John O’Sullivan entitled, “Is Your Child’s Youth Sports Experience Transactional or Transformational?” (see: The article got me thinking about the culture and intent of BBFC, and the challenge of continuing to create the “transformational” experience for all out players and their families. John states: “I was recently reading…… Continue reading TRANSACT or TRANSFORM


Emotionalism—ups and downs in moods, displays of temper-ament—is almost always counterproductive, and at times disastrous. I came to understand that if my own behaviour was filled with emotionalism, I was sanctioning it for others. As the leader, my behaviour set the bounds of acceptability. And letting emotions spill over onto the court was simply unacceptable.…… Continue reading RAPPORT & RESPECT

Warriors or Winners

An exert from a great article at: We have lost sight of true development. We have redefined success in a very poor way. As a result, we are so fixed on outcomes that we have a generation of “empty winners” when what we need is a generation of “tenacious warriors.” Let me explain the difference…… Continue reading Warriors or Winners