Dealing with your Soccer Emotions…Quickly!! A pressure game – anxiety! A mistake made – frustration! A poor refereeing decision – anger! A goal against – despondency!Soccer is an emotional game. Every match is packed full with incident – moments of action that cause your brain and nervous system to drive energy through your body. Energy…… Continue reading SOCCER EMOTION

Warriors or Winners

An exert from a great article at: We have lost sight of true development. We have redefined success in a very poor way. As a result, we are so fixed on outcomes that we have a generation of “empty winners” when what we need is a generation of “tenacious warriors.” Let me explain the difference…… Continue reading Warriors or Winners

True Sport

These are the principles set down by True Sport (, and there are some great articles and resources available. Check them out Go for It Always strive for excellence and rise to the challenge, but never at the expense of others. Discover how good you can be. Play Fair Play honestly and obey the rules,…… Continue reading True Sport