If you’re a great coach, then you love movement, change, challenge, stability, results, certainty, growth and innovation, all mixed in together. Great coaches love to innovate, dream, create, direct, vision, communicate and take others to places they never dreamed possible. Coaching is always creating change, developing the new, and moving teams into a preferable future.…… Continue reading COACHING LOSS


Excerpt from John O’Sullivan’s latest blog: “I love sports. And I love competitive sports. But I no longer believe that sport in and of itself has a fundamentally positive value. It is neutral, and only when I am intentional about making it positive does it have the opportunity to bring about good experiences for…… Continue reading EVERY MOMENT MATTERS


This Bonnet Bay Football Club survey (only takes about 8 minutes) is an opportunity for members to make a contribution to the discussion about our future: I believe we all have something to contribute; as coaches, players, parents, members and leaders. I recently read a little blurb from John O’Sullivan (changing the game project) about…… Continue reading WE VALUE YOUR INPUT