DON’T MISS OUT: limited places left with one of the world’s foremost leaders in the area of children’s and youth sport, John O’Sullivan. John O’Sullivan, of the Changing the Game Project, spent two decades as a footballer and coach at youth, high school, college and professional level. He is the author of the #1 bestselling…… Continue reading CHANGING THE GAME


John O’Sullivan, from Changing the Game Project, USA A few years back, I coached a talented, yet under-performing sixteen-year-old girl I will call Maddy. She was incredibly inconsistent in her play and often looked very depressed. She was definitely lacking in confidence. Her friends told me she was unsure whether to continue playing or not.…… Continue reading ONE POWERFUL QUESTION


Performance is a behaviour, NOT an outcome. By John O’Sullivan, “Changing the Game Project”.  We get so focused on scoreboards and standings that we lose sight of the foundational element of coaching: shaping behaviour. When we get the behaviour right, when we get our athletes to take ownership of the standards for each and every…… Continue reading PERFORMANCE – BEHAVIOUR or OUTCOME


The complete approach to coach, leader & player development. I believe there are three critical dimensions to coaching and leading at any level of sport; knowledge, leadership and mindset. The knowledge piece is about skills, drills, fitness, structure, formation and tactics. It focuses primarily on the skills development in a player and team. It is…… Continue reading 3 PILLARS OF COACHING


Happy Father’s Day. Being a dad is an incredibly journey and being able to walk alongside your kids in sport is such a privilege. It’s a unique opportunity to build relationship, impart wisdom and have a lot of fun in the process. I had the privilege of coaching my son (pictured in U6 left and…… Continue reading DADS AND SPORTS


Some coaches (and parents) directly or indirectly use guilt, harsh criticism and threats as a way to “motivate or inspire” their child or player to perform better. I still have nightmares about my son’s first game under a new coach in U14’s, where after the game the coach rated every player out of ten in…… Continue reading CHALLENGE v CRITICISM


It is finals time down here in Southern Sydney, and my team of over 45s are there this weekend. Exciting times, even for us older lads as we prepare ourselves for the weekend’s semi. I was sharing my tactical, team and structural wisdom (inspirational I know) with the team this week, which went a little…… Continue reading WHEN PLAN A ISN’T WORKING


BUILDING TRUST: The reality is there is no quality or characteristic that is as rare as trust among teams. Of all the things I have witnessed over the years, all the horrible stories of dysfunctional teams … this is fundamentally what’s missing … trust. Even looking back at the teams I have lead and been…… Continue reading THE FOUNDATION FOR GREAT TEAMS


By the time we are 17 we have heard, you can’t, you shouldn’t and you’re wrong, around 75,000 times. Ultimately our internal thoughts about ourselves are either limiting or empowering. They either help us, or they hinder us. Trap us or transform us. You get the picture. Our subconscious mind, which is about 96% of…… Continue reading THINKING MATTERS