joe_hart_2691094bIf you’re a great coach, then you love movement, change, challenge, stability, results, certainty, growth and innovation, all mixed in together. Great coaches love to innovate, dream, create, direct, vision, communicate and take others to places they never dreamed possible. Coaching is always creating change, developing the new, and moving teams into a preferable future. It is energising, challenging and exciting.

Here’s the thing though, if you don’t learn how to coach in the loss factor, while creating change, you will often leave a wake of unhappy, dissatisfied and misaligned athletes. Creating change is what good coaches do, coaching the loss factor, while creating change is what exceptional coaches do.

As a coach, every moment, space, decision or direction of change you make, implement or create, even when it is the best change ever, will create a loss for someone, and possibly for the team. The loss of position, the loss of control, the loss of certainty, the loss of validation, the loss of significance, and the loss of games.

If a coach does not learn and grow in their capacity to coach teams and athletes through loss effectively, while they are creating change, the outcome will often create chaos, objection, misalignment, conflict and disappointment.

Most issues, problems, conflicts and hurts are not caused by a coach’s great vision, but by their inability to lead teams through the loss component of necessary change.

Brett White

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