In October this year a team from BBFC will once again embark on an adventure of a life time. We still have spots available if you act fast. Email me:

BBFC Players will be running coaching sessions with the HFCA teams, from the poorest areas of Phnom Penh, running football sessions for kids at risk, and competing in the annual “Cambodian Cup” tournament. Amongst a stack of other fun, cultural and eye opening stuff.

Imagine if football could create freedom in young persons life. Creating hope, purpose, safety, community, opportunity and direction. Well that’s exactly what the impact that HFCA is having on young boys and girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and BBFC continue to work alongside them in many different ways.

Disadvantaged, impoverished and even homeless young people given belonging, acceptance and purpose. It’s inspiring and extraordinary the impacts we see in the lives of these young people. HFCA relies fully on the support, sponsorship and donations of generous people just like you, who want to see lives changed through the game we love.

Go to and join the tribe who are changing the world, through football, one life at a time.

Thanks, Bretta

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