surveyThis Bonnet Bay Football Club survey (only takes about 8 minutes) is an opportunity for members to make a contribution to the discussion about our futurehttps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BBFC18

I believe we all have something to contribute; as coaches, players, parents, members and leaders. I recently read a little blurb from John O’Sullivan (changing the game project) about how the contribution from others has impacted him as coach and leader. (worth checking out his podcast: https://changingthegameproject.com/81-better-coaching/)

“Kris Van Der Haegen, Director of Coaching Education for Belgium Football Association, reminded me that them most important thing to ask yourself when coaching is “Who is in front of me?” Everything must be about the player, his or her needs, values and priorities. We must structure our sessions, and our leagues, to focus on players first. 

Mark Upton, skill acquisition expert and co-founder of My Fastest Mile, reminded me that we practice to be good in matches, not to look good in practices. Many isolated technical exercises in training do not transfer to dynamic game conditions. Context transfers, and if what we are doing in training does not look like the games, then we won;t see it in the games. 

Mark Bennett, founder of PDS Coaching, who teaches us the Rule of 3, his methodology for getting your players to take ownership, hold each other accountable, and become creative decision makers and problem solving athletes. Mark is the only 2x guest on the podcast, and you will see why.”

In 2018 the members of BBFC were very proud to be named the Sport NSW, Community Sports Club of the Year. This was recognition of many years of work by many people. Importantly, over the past decade we have followed a strategic plan established in 2007. This has meant the club has had a clear direction which it has been able to articulate to members, our association, local and State Government as well as cash and in-kind sponsors.

We have very strong foundations to build on. However, it is very important that the club develops a new strategic plan which will help set a course for the coming years. Our starting point is our commitment to cater for all members from the youngest to the oldest, male and female of all skill levels.

This survey is an opportunity for members to make a contribution to the discussion. In the end the strategic plan will be a document that represents a consensus of all views, opinions and recommendations: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BBFC18

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