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Praise for Sports Mind Shift

“Brett White is a practical thinker and a thinking practitioner. The message of “Sports Mind Shift” is not just intellectual theory but founded on real life experience which makes it invaluable to anyone seeking to improve their outcomes in sport and in life. The book is the result of Brett’s capacity to think clearly and analytically about what he is doing, learn from his experiences and then coach others to achieve their potential. It contains some real nuggets of wisdom that every young person interested in sports will benefit from.”

“Great Read…This book creates an understanding how a different mindset can effect performance and character in a more positive way. Principles can be used in everyday life not just for sporting people.”

coaches_mindshift“Simply wonderful! A Life-changing approach to being the best you can be! Loved it!Highly recommended !”

“This book is another example of Brett’s skill and expertise coming together to provide a meaningful resource to anyone engaged in sport. The themes which underpin Brett’s approach to effectively changing mindsets and achieving desired outcomes are easy to engage with and are highly valuable and applicable to readers across ages, cultures and sporting disciplines. Great read.”

“Sports Mind Shift is a brilliant book that makes you realise and understand how powerful your mindset can be when you use it the right way. I would recommend it to not only aspiring young athletes but also sports coaches.” Petr Sestak, Football Goalkeeping Coach. (


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