The complete approach to coach, leader & player development. I believe there are three critical dimensions to coaching and leading at any level of sport; knowledge, leadership and mindset. The knowledge piece is about skills, drills, fitness, structure, formation and tactics. It focuses primarily on the skills development in a player and team. It is very important part of coaching and generally what people look for in a coach. It draws on a coach’s experience, knowledge and learning of the game they are coaching, and focuses on developing a player’s skill and ability level. The other two areas that I believe are underutilized and under prioritized in developing and equipping coaches is leadership and mindset. To be the complete coach, all three are critical.

Developing coaches and leaders in sport who have a great understanding and application of these three elements is critical to the ongoing success and significance of sport around the world. When a person develops a greater capacity to think and act more positively, transformational change, healthy team, organisational shifts, innovative thinking and cultural development will always be a natural outcome.

A coach can learn skills, knowledge and tactics from experience and through the many coaching courses available today. When you look through most coaching courses, the curriculum is 99% skills, drills, structure and tactics learning. Very little, if any at all, of the learning focuses on the other two elements of what it takes to be a great coach, leadership and mindset.

Sports MindSHiFT is focused on these two critical elements. I have coached football (soccer) for many years, with kids, young people and adults, but my success in coach and player development has been due to my focus on leadership and mindset. I look to others to help me in the areas of technical, skills based coaching.

Sports MindSHiFT focuses on 6 key core competencies in both leadership and mindset, specifically relating to coaching, leading or managing sports teams. I am looking at intergrating these into some training at BBFC over the coming months, so stay tuned. 

Leadership development: covering these 6 core competencies: 1/ Decision making 2/ Communication 3/ Leading Teams 4/ Strengths based teams 5/ Culture creation 6/ Conflict management

Mindset Development: covering these 6 core competencies: 1/ Behaviour awareness 2/ Thinking skills 3/ the Growth Mindset 4/ Empowered beliefs 5/ Language that leads 6/ Mental toughness

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