13238923_10153659204306342_4935522547239627761_nIt is finals time down here in Southern Sydney, and my team of over 45s are there this weekend. Exciting times, even for us older lads as we prepare ourselves for the weekend’s semi.

I was sharing my tactical, team and structural wisdom (inspirational I know) with the team this week, which went a little but like this. “How good is it to be a part of a team that behaves unselfishly? Finals will require more of us. More commitment to the basics that we have at times demonstrated so well throughout the season. What I care about is being committed to three basic things. Do these three things well and we will win all the way. 1/ FEET – play the ball to feet whenever possible and move to the ball not away. 2/ TEAM – play for each other. Selfless. In actions, attitude and speech. 3/ SHAPE – mark up tight when defending. Hold shape at all times.”

There’s nothing that special in what I said, and it needs to stay simple, particularly for a bunch of mates playing over 45s soccer. What I loved though was a comment made by one of the players who know too well that PLAN A might sound good, but most likely we’ll get that wrong at times, so he challenged us with PLAN B. Loved it. (Thanks Rusty)

“I think our success will be how well we adapt to Plan B, which is when Plan A doesn’t go to plan. How will you adapt when the ball doesn’t come to your feet? Will you throw your hands up in frustration and give up or work harder? If someone yells at you in the heat of the moment will you yell back and get angry or let it slide. When we lose shape because a teammate is tired are you going to yell at him or encourage him or cover for him while he gets his breath? How well we adapt to Plan B will win us the Premiership.”

So it’s absolutely critical to have a Plan A, but just as important to have a brilliant Plan B. If your team has made it into the finals, enjoy every moment of it and good luck.

Bretta – Player and Coach Development BBFC

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