playerMany people believe that sports mindset or psychology is just for elite athletes and professionals. This belief limits coaches and players from becoming the best they can be at any level or grade of sport. Developing a healthy sports mindset empowers anyone to enjoy their sport more and achieve greater personal results. Every athlete, team or coach, professional or amateur, young or old, experiences good days, hard days, challenges, set backs, criticism, success, loss of confidence and struggles. Developing a healthy sports mindset increases resilience, confidence, character and focus, all key development areas for any athlete or coach.

To get the most out of your sport, regardless of the level you play, developing skills and fitness, alongside a healthy mindset, is critical for all of us.

coachDan Abrahams (from Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy) says, “My advice to every soccer player, coach and parent – put mindset and mental skills on a pedestal. Make them just as important as developing the physical and technical sides of the game. There is always an opportunity in every training session and every match to improve your self-talk, body language, focus, confidence and emotional control”.

Have a great day, Bretta

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