negative-positiveThis is the question I’d like you to ask your players (for coaches) or children (for parents).

“What will you do if it’s not quite working out for you? If the opposition are playing really well or if you’re not quite finding your best form?”

What you are doing is giving your players a better opportunity to think proactively on the pitch, as opposed to re-actively. Mentally skillful players are proactive rather than reactive. When things are going wrong they are able to think flexibly in the moment. They are able to find solutions.

By asking this ‘negative’ question a few days before the game you’re priming the mind of your players to be able to find solutions in the moment. You’re priming the brain to be proactive.

Have a great week … Bretta

(an excerpt from Dan Abrahams’ blog, “when negative thinking works”. http://www.danabrahams.com)


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