transformational-vs-transactionalI just read a great article by John O’Sullivan entitled, “Is Your Child’s Youth Sports Experience Transactional or Transformational?” (see:

The article got me thinking about the culture and intent of BBFC, and the challenge of continuing to create the “transformational” experience for all out players and their families.

John states: “I was recently reading this great blog by Seth Godin about transactional relationships. He was discussing how many sports teams treat loyal fans transactionally. You bought a ticket, thanks for sitting through all those losing seasons, but you got what you paid for. We owe you nothing more. This type of relationship is it is a transactional one: you pay and club’s deliver what you paid for. You don’t like your favourite coffee shop because you paid for the coffee. You like the service. You like how they treat you. You love how it tastes and that it is consistently good. You like that they admit when they are wrong and give you a free coffee when they mess up your order. You like that the servers smile and are energetic. These things have nothing to do with the transaction of buying a coffee.”

He then says, “A transformational organization puts the needs of the child in sport above the needs of the business. It focuses on developing the person AND the athlete. It demands that its coaches are trained and held to a standard of excellence. Its coaches are trusted not only for their sport-specific ability, but their dependability and connection with athletes. They are evaluated and trained in motivation, communication, and being a positive role model. Individual athletes and teams come first, and the needs of the coach and club come second. It does these things because its leadership and membership demand it of the club.”

transformational-change-leadersMy reflection is that BBFC is not a transactional or a transformational club, it’s a transitional club. In other words, we are not there yet, but we are well on the way. This for me is an exciting place to be, as we transition more and more into the being a transformational club. At the heart of BBFC is a commitment to develop each member as a player, coach, leader and/or supporter, person and citizen, according to their strengths and abilities, to be the very best they can be. This goes way beyond “football ability” to creating a culture of INTEGRATION, INVOLVEMENT, INNOVATION and INFLUENCE. I am excited about who we are becoming as a club, not just what we are doing and offering our players.

We would love your feedback and input into how you think we can further transition into the transformational model as a club. Check out John’s article at the link above, and if you have some thoughts, send me an email:

Cheers, Bretta

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